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INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: China’s New Open Door: The E-Commerce Boom

By Shehzad Qazi | Insights | Series II | No. 6 | September 2014

China is already the world’s largest retail market and its e-commerce is booming. E-tailers now command soaring sales, better pricing, and a stronger online presence compared to their brick-and-mortar cousins. Learn more about China’s retail of e-tailing in China in our exclusive report.

Ask the Survey Doctor: How do you understand normality?

Insights | Series II | No. 6 | September 2014

If you are struggling with surveys, evaluations, assessments, or market research in developing countries, email the Survey Doctor with your question.

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China Beige Book Shows Economy Stuck in Low Gear

Bloomberg | September 22, 2014

China’s economy remained stuck in “low gear” this quarter, with struggling retail and residential real-estate industries countering improvements in manufacturing and transportation, a private survey showed. Growth in investment slowed…


CONFLICT AND SECURITY: Polls Key to Understanding and Defeating ISIS

By Craig Charney | Insights | Series II | No. 6 | September 2014

Recently, ISIS seems to suddenly dominate international security headlines, seemingly from out of nowhere. Yet numerous polls in Iraq displayed warning signs early on. They also showed the challenges that lie ahead for the effort to beat back the extremist movement.