Too often development evaluations seem like a problem rather than an opportunity. Charney turns surveys into practical management tools that yield more reliable results and better projects and proposals, while making development evaluations less difficult for you.

More Helpful, Less Trying Evaluations

It’s often not easy to devise indicators, plan a baseline, manage weak partners, or meet tight budgets. We know. We’ve helped people like you solve these problems for 16 years, in over 350 projects in more than 45 countries.

So you get more useful evaluations – while the process is simpler for you. From defining needs and strategies to determining progress and lessons learned, you’ll proceed with confidence, knowing your proposal or project is likelier to succeed.

Charney Specializes in Development Evaluation

We are the only survey research firm specializing in the developing world. Our clients include USAID, the World Bank, the Asia Foundation, the Millennium Challenge Corp, UNDP, and the International Peace Institute.

We’ve worked in almost every development field, including economic growth, agriculture, health, environment, stabilization, gender, and anti-corruption. We’re especially strong in democracy and governance. We have small business status.

Assessment, monitoring, and evaluation, done right, can be game-changers, making development projects run better and proposals more likely to win.

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