Your trusted guide to survey research in global markets

We are the only firm specializing in survey research in developing and crisis countries, to help understand buyers, assess programs, and manage conflicts. We’ve done more than 350 projects in over 45 emerging markets.

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Global Market Research

Experience on six continents over 17 years.

Development Evaluation

Strenthen your proposals, projects and evaluations.

Security & Conflict Resolution

Data-driven strategies in non- permissive environments.

What's happening in development evaluation?

Get the lowdown.

The first-ever poll of professionals in the field, done with the Society for International Development – Washington.

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How do you take Afghanistan’s first poll?

Very carefully.

"This survey was unique and cited around the world by organizations and media. It is a great credit to your company."

Jon L. Summers
Asia Foundation Afghanistan Representative

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What do global market customers want?

We make finding out easier.

"Charney is one of the few who can field solid market research anywhere, including notoriously difficult-to-research countries like China, Vietnam, and India."

Randall Ringer
CEO, Verse Group

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Know what your project should do – or did?

Development evaluation you can trust.

"Charney Research can gather accurate data in challenging environments and provide a solid analysis of its strategic implications on development or peace building issues."

Terje Roed-Larsen
President, International Peace Institute

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Moderates, extremists, or reconcilables?

Find out.

"Your seven-country study of extremism and governance in the Muslim world provided tremendous insight into public support for extremists and how it might be influenced."

Prof. Lincoln Mitchell
Columbia University

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How can you get reliable info on the Chinese market?

Ask us.

"Rather than rely on official data, Charney’s quarterly China Beige Book divides the country into eight regions and interviews C-Suite executives in each.  The results are illuminating – an important resource for China watchers."

Rana Foroohar
Economics Editor, Time

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Top ten ways to get misleading poll results

What not to do if you like accurate surveys!


Clients Include:


Who We Are

We have a mission

We believe helping people in developing countries be heard is key to their joining the world market, bettering their lives, and resolving conflicts troubling them.

So we conduct surveys in these countries to help firms understand customers, development organizations improve projects, and security assistance and peace building groups with conflict resolution.



Enter emerging markets confidently

We’ve worked on more than 350 surveys in over 45 countries, from fast-growing China and Chile, to crisis countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, and frontier markets in Africa and Asia.

The most demanding corporate, government, and non-profit clients count on us for accurate data, sound findings, and practical recommendations. They know we’re good listeners, who understand their specific needs.

Global reach you can rely on

Our international network of consultants means you can be comfortable assigning us even the largest jobs, while ensuring you the close attention a specialist firm offers.

You’ll work with a nimble, expert team that has proven it can deliver in the most exacting settings. We are the go-anywhere, get-it-done people.

Our work has one goal: helping you hear from those you need to in order to sell, help, or manage conflicts in developing countries.

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